I recently hosted a presentation with the authors of the AdaHessian optimizer paper, Zhewei Yao and Amir Gholami and, to the fastai community.

AdaHessian is a promising new optimizer and one of the first second-order optimizers that is becoming practical to use. I've been working on a port of it to fastai which I hope to release shortly, I;ll post up here once I have it released. Until then, I hope you enjoy the presentation and Q&A afterwards!

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Paper Citation

  title={ADAHESSIAN: An Adaptive Second Order Optimizer for Machine Learning},
  author={Yao, Zhewei and Gholami, Amir and Shen, Sheng and Keutzer, Kurt and Mahoney, Michael W},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.00719},

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